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Values are essential for Hans van Holland, in that way we achieve our sustainable growth.

We deliver exceptional services at a right pricing. In order to increase customers profit.


Our Services

We offer a wide range of services depending on the specific needs of our clients. For more information please contact us.


Buy clock supply at a fixed price by the grower before the clock begins.


Find daily in our stock, the best deals purchased from the auction.


Working with colleagues gives our clients the ability to always find what they are looking for.

Growers Connect

Access our webshop, and get an assortment from the growers all over The Netherlands.


Frequently Asked Questions

Wholesale Webshop Service

With our Wholesale Webshop Service, we create for our clients, their personalized online platform customized to match their business look.

The Webshop offers the advantage of zero inventory risks, a reduction of time in processing orders and gives your customers an immense range of flowers, plants and decoration materials to order from.

Contact us to learn more on how the Wholesale Webshop Service can minimize your expenses and grow your business profits.

Till When Can I Order From Growers?

Before making an order in the Webshop a date of loading should be chosen. When the date of loading is set, all the available assortment of growers and partners will be shown for the specific dates of delivery.

Delivery and Packaging

Delivery of goods is done every day from Monday to Friday. The packaging depends on the wishes and the temperature conditions of the place of destination.

Contact us for more information about delivery times and packing methods.

Can I Become Your Customer?

To become a customer please fill and send us the form on the right side of this page.
We will review your company details and get back to you.


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